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Your Why

Whether you are here as an educator, a parent or a student... your why is always important.

Everything we do is tied to a purpose. There is an expected outcome whether we are aware of it or not. In most situations our hopes are good right? We date to be married (well most of us) but at the very least to have a good time with someone and build a genuine authentic connection. We procreate (I hope this is the right word) so that we may be able to have someone run and grab the remote as needed. Right? I'm kidding but I just wanted to make sure you were sticking with me. This is that generation who totally doesn't like to read and absolutely doesn't look at the fine print.

Ultimately every interaction, every step we take has a purpose. You may be reading this very blog and asking why....well because you want to hear what I have to say..right so let me hurry before you exit.

Some day are great, others are absolutely terrible! There will be days you want to give up and other days where you feel like you are on top of the world. Trust me... I've been there sometimes at both ends of the spectrum in the same day. Like the very first time I went to Ron Clark Academy. I literally sat at the edge of the stage and cried because .... I finally felt like I actually belonged somewhere. Like for real y'all like I wasn't the awkward cousin at the picnic who was vegan and its a meat festival. Not like the feeling of being the only black girl in the gifted class or being the girl in the room whose dad was incarcerated and when others talked about their parents I had to lie. While my dad has been locked up most of my life if he could hear the tales I've told. He's been everything from an astronaut to fireman. Listen I was jealous and shame so if I was going to hype my daddy up I had to dream big.

As I got older I thought maybe he wanted to be all of those things and more. Maybe had he had a somebody to show him different, tell him different, maybe he would have stood alongside Barrack as one of the first black presidents. Dreaming too big huh for a boy from the big city of Wrens, Georgia huh? (Please do not google this is not big at all... I'm exaggerating) But here is my Rita Pierson says ....every kid needs a champion.

And for me that's my why! I want to be a child's champion. I want to help to cultivate the kid who was told they couldn't be and not simply by the words of the people but the stares of those who felt they didn't belong. The ones who overlooked their small beginnings. I'm here for the kid who set up to just be another statistic. The ones who people say won't amount to nothing with their stares. I'm here to tell them you were already something because even nothing is something.

Dirt is dirt right? Thats until you plan a seed, water it, monitor it and watch it grow. Sometimes that little seed becomes a tree and then that tree births fruit. And then that fruit feeds people and also produces more seeds. Y'all following me or am I sounding crazy? In my teacher voice clap 2 times if you can hear my voice!!

Now if you really clapped you are definitely my kind of welcome. If you didn't and its over your head leave now and come back later. I don't want anyone here who doesn't want to be here and its no love lost. Love is free, it doesn't take anything away from me! So whether you are leaving or staying I love you deep!!

Alright now class lets get back on track here! That one seed can produce many seeds. If I was a science wiz I'd give you a scientific explanation but since I'm math lets just simply say seeds multiply. We can start with one, grow fruit, we can use it to supply the people with their needs and still take the seeds to recreate the whole process.

Thats what your why does! You don't have to plant it in dirt you just plant it here on earth. And what you plant will grow and what grows from it and can be used to serve a purpose and there will be new seed to plant again.

If you know your WHY...plant it! If you are trying to figure it out...,eat the fruit! If you are walking in your WHY....don't forget to replant for more harvest!

Thats all, that's the message...remember your WHY!

I love you deep- Chainz

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