First Week of Distance Learning

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Alright so the moment we have all been waiting for...Back to school or really was it. Most kids just rolled out of bed at a decent hour and logged into the school website rather than their favorite bit of social media. Day 1 was hectic for me to say the least as an educator and a mother. I really wanted to quit! Motherhood and teaching the plan I worked on all summer was an epic fail. I'm use to knowing my students so now people are not just showing up because I'm their favorite. This was really like the first day on the job. Day 2 I drove 30 minutes to the school to make this experience seem a little real to me. It was much better...I felt like I could do this but I still needed the after school nap.Day 3....I mastered motherhood and teaching. I was even able to try at a live lesson and had my students to followup with an assessment. Now maybe they came to me as little geniuses but the scores from the assessment made me feel like a real winner. Even with my own children they were able to stay logged in all day, navigating from class to class and submitting assignments with little to no help. Now this is truly amazing because I have a kinder who is learning to read and guys he went from class to class on his own. Although I still needed the after school nap I felt like a true champion!

Going into next week I want to give myself grace that maybe I won't create the perfect plan but as long as I keep'll get greater.

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