They say you can't... they say you won't ... they say you shouldn't!

I say tell them all to SHUT UP!

You are DOPE!!!

Defying Odds Purposefully Educating

Educators come in all shapes and sizes with different twist and styles but the common trait should be being dope. When you walk into the room or hit the camera on for your zoom dare to be DOPE!

A lot of time I scream this and people take offense its not a statement of superiority yet a statement of inclusion. DOPEST is the acronym for my new baby and my professional development series... Defying Odds Purposefully Educating Students and Teachers.

The goal was always to be the change I wished to see in the education system and its finally happening. This summer I spent countless hours with several for profit and non profit institutions training, learning and gaining. I never felt more equipped in a position than I do now and I'm still constantly learning. I'm just thankful to be in position to share everything I've learned from both trainings and experiences through my own platform! Aint that DOPE!

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